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1st Edition Pre 500ML

1st Edition Pre 500ML

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 Highly Concentrated Formula


Versatile Application


Exceptional Cleaning Power


Auto Prime Worx Pre Concentrate ain't no ordinary stuff. It's a real heavy hitter, specially brewed to make light work of lifting stubborn dirt, road grime, and salt clinging to your ride's paintwork.


Here's how you roll with it:

You can use this bad boy as a pre-wash before you hit it with the snow foam, or you can mix it straight into your snow foam solution for some extra kick.


How to Get the Job Done:

  • Get your hands on the Auto Prime Worx sprayer, trigger bottle, or snow foam lance.
  • If your motor's moderately dirty, dilute this stuff at a 10:1 ratio.
  • If you've got some nasty oil and grease to deal with, mix it up at a 4:1 ratio.
  • Apply it to your ride, and let it work its magic. Then give it a proper rinse, don't let it dry up on you!
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