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1st Edition Shampoo 500ML

1st Edition Shampoo 500ML

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Maintains a gentle pH balance


Enhanced with anti-marring additives


Unleashes potent cleaning action


Auto Prime Worx Shampoo ain't messing around. It's got a killer blend of surfactants that give you some seriously thick foam, top-notch lubrication, and hardcore cleaning power. Plus, it's got a thinner consistency, so it's a piece of cake to mix, saving you precious time in your wash bucket. This pH-balanced Shampoo is a year-round champ, perfect for anything from your regular wash to a full-on decontamination.


How to Get the Job Done:

  • After you've done your pre-wash routine, get your Shampoo and dilute it at a 1:250 ratio in your wash bucket.
  • Mix it up with some pressurised water to get that luxurious foamy lather going.
  • Using your favourite Auto Prime Worx wash mitt or pad, starting from the top and working your way down.
  • When you're done, blast away any leftover suds with a strong stream of water pressure.


You're gonna be in for a treat with this Shampoo, and your whip will be shining like a diamond, ready to hit the streets in style.

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