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1st Edition Detailer 500ML

1st Edition Detailer 500ML

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Achieve a stunning shine effortlessly
Ideal for car shows or final touches
Hydrophobic polymers add an extra layer of defence
Auto Prime Worx Detailer unleashes instant gloss and protection. All bottled up in one bad boy. Get ready for a lightning-quick application and a swift buff, Auto Prime Worx Detailer is about to drop a shine like nothing else, turning your ride into a straight-up showstopper.


How to Get the Job Done:

  • For results that'll blow your mind, lay that Detailer straight on one panel of your ride right after a fresh wash.
  • Wipe it down using an Auto Prime Worx microfibre cloth, and watch that ride transform into a high-gloss, silky-smooth masterpiece, like it just stepped out of a professional showroom.


Brace yourself, you're about to experience the pure magic of Auto Prime Worx Detailer – a game-changer that'll give you an instant shine and rock-solid protection.

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