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Auto Prime Worx

Pro Bundle

Pro Bundle

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1. Pre: Effortlessly eliminate tough grime and dirt before the main wash with our Pre wash liquid. Specially formulated to break down contaminants, this powerful solution ensures a clean canvas for the perfect detailing experience.

2. Snow: Experience the ultimate in car pampering with our luxurious Snow Foam. Delight in a thick, foamy lather that gently lifts away dirt and leaves your vehicle looking as though it just had a spa day. Transform your car washing routine into an enjoyable and effective cleansing ritual.

3. Shampoo: Treat your car to a rejuvenating bath with our premium Shampoo. Formulated for a deep, yet gentle cleanse, our shampoo creates a rich lather that effortlessly removes impurities, leaving your vehicle with a brilliant shine. Elevate your car washing experience to a whole new level.

4. Fallout: This ain't just your run-of-the-mill iron and dust remover. This stuff is a game-changer, and it doesn't just tackle iron – it takes on those tough metal contaminants like a champ. Just like the usual fallout removers, it goes all purple when it comes face to face with iron gunk. But what makes it stand out is its unique trick – it turns green when it's up against heavy metal nasties like lead. You can use Fallout on your paintwork, glass, and wheels, and it'll do the job right.

5. Tyre and Trim Dressing: Been crafted with some serious attention to detail for an easy application and a look that lasts. This gel formula, packed with silicone, is a godsend for anyone who wants their plastic trims and tyres to rock a deep, lush black finish. It's got your back against the sun's harmful rays with advanced UV protection. Plus, it's waterproof, so it can handle those washes like a pro.

6. Detailer: Seal the deal with our Detailer Gloss Protection. This innovative formula provides a mirror-like shine while offering long-lasting protection for your vehicle's finish. Easy to apply and quick to dry, it's the final touch that ensures your car stands out in any crowd.

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